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Kids Dream of Being a YouTube Star. Parents Fear That's a Waste of Time. Studio Be Offers a Solution.

Helping Kids Live Their Dream...And Their Parent's Too

Park City, Utah (May 5, 2021) – Studio Be is shaking up the world of online summer programs by helping kids realize THEIR dream. Alex Murphy, Co-Founder of Studio Be says, "We hear all the time from young people that they want to be internet content creators—YouTubers and social media influencers. This might sound troubling at first, but really this is just a new expression of an old desire; content creators are some of the most intelligent, interesting, funny people our kids encounter on a daily basis, and it turns out that kids want to be intelligent, interesting, and funny." 

Studio Be is the brainchild of founders Max Fink, Marc Esper and Alex Murphy and is designed to help kids in 5th grade through 12th grade explore their interests and turn them into videos, podcasts and other social media. "Kids love it because they finally get to do something they want for the summer and parents love it because it helps their kids discover a sense of purpose that is an important driver of success in school and beyond," says Co-Founder Max Fink. In fact, a recent Harvard study concluded that having a sense of purpose was more important to success than the old adage of "follow your passions" ( It also gives kids something to talk about in social situations and during college interviews.

Studio Be is a collaboration of professional content creators, podcasters, comedians, and real-world experts including Dr. Adrienne Maclain of, aka “The Story Whisperer”. She works with authors, bloggers and budding social media influencers to help them find their authentic voice and guide them through their personal creation process. During the six-week online program students meet four times per week with their academic coach, both 1-on-1 and in a small group with kids their age from around the country. The sessions are teed-up by our group of talented and award-winning improv comedians to make them more fun and engaging. Almost all sessions allow flexible scheduling, and kids can join from anywhere. By the end of the program, kids will have identified an area of interest, developed an angle or storyline and turned that into a video or podcast showcasing what they've learned.

For further information, please visit or call 646-463-0411.

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About Studio Be

Studio Be is a summer program developed by On Track Coaches, a leader in academic coaching with a focus on developing cutting-edge programs to help students develop skills, behaviors and habits that lead to success in school and beyond. Studio Be is designed to combine kid’s passion for online content with an opportunity to explore their own interests. 

They’ll start by identifying a super interesting question to explore. For example, “What are some of the cool technologies that will impact the future of video gaming” or “Who is on the cutting edge of dance (or theater) and what are the amazing things they are doing?”


Next, they’ll be guided by their coach to a deep dive on their exciting topic. This will include discussions with experts in their area of passion as well as inspiring speakers on a weekly basis.


From there, they’ll learn from our expert content coach, Dr. Adrienne MacIain (The Story Whisperer), how to bring their topic to life!


Finally, they’ll create legit videos, podcasts and social media content to share what they’ve learned. (Don't worry, we take extensive measures to protect kids’ privacy and will consult with you along the way.)