How It Works

We are parents and educators who believe academic success is about more than just learning content. It requires developing behaviors, skills, attitudes and strategies that are critical to success in school and in life. We also believe that it’s not enough to simply learn about these things, students need to master them by making them a regular part of their day.

Collectively, these “executive functioning” skills will help your student be the boss of their own success. We identify and teach dozens of skills and behaviors that will lead to more efficient learning and overall success in life, but we start with these five:
  • Organization (goal setting, prioritization, time management)
  • Communication (active listening, persuasion, speaking and writing clearly)
  • Critical Thinking (memory, problem solving, inquiry)
  • Relationship Building (advocacy, consensus building, conflict resolution)
  • Self-regulation (positive thinking, focus, managing emotions)


  • Our coaches meet one-on-one with your student using our state-of-the-art video conferencing and collaboration platform.  
  • The initial sessions focus on helping your child identify actionable, measurable goals. Depending on the package you choose, our coaches meet with your child 2-5 times per week. The first call of the week is an hour and the subsequent calls are a half-hour each.
  • Your student will build a plan for recording, prioritizing and completing assignments on time. 
  • Next, your student will work with their coach to develop critical thinking, communication, relationship building and self-regulation behaviors and skills.
  • In short, we help your child develop good habits.  Our coaches utilize a variety of techniques: open inquiry, engaging exercises, good old-fashioned chalk talks.  We can even turn your child’s enthusiasm for gaming or social media into a learning opportunity.
On Track Coaching teaches everything you didn’t learn in school, but wish you had.  If you can spare 10-seconds to request a free consultation, it could change the trajectory of your child’s life.